Quote of the day

Being Happy – There is no duty in life except the duty of being happy. It is our only reason for being in this world. With all our duties, all our morals, all our commandments, we seldom make one another happy, because these do not make us happy. A person who is good can only be so when he is happy, when there is harmony within him, in other words, when he loves. This has been the rule, the only rule, of this world – thus taught Jesus; thus taught Buddha; thus taught Hegel. For each of us the only thing of importance in this world is his own inner self – his soul, his capacity for love. When this is working, we may be eating plain porridge or cake, we may be wearing rags or jewels – but the world will be resounding in the clear tones of the soul. It will be a good world, a world going on in proper order.

Herman Hesse

5 thoughts on “Quote of the day

  1. The question is then, how to do to create this clear tones, just for letting others play them and at the same time let you forget that they were yours. Because when you are there, your happinnes is going to be that of everyone!

    1. This is true. I think you should not over-rationalize the process of creating happiness. If you are truly happy inside, it shines through you and people get it anyway. Then as the old wisdom says, by sharing happiness you increase your own state of being happy.

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