Thoughts after the graduation

“We have to start from the ground up and reconsider what education is. In my language, I’d like to see us educate the soul, and not just the mind. The result would be a person who could be in the world creatively, make good friendships, live in a place he loved, do work that is rewarding, and make a contribution to the community. People say that the word “educate” means to “draw out” a person’s potential. But I like the “duc” – part in the middle of it. To be educated is to become a duke, a leader, a person of stature and color, a presence and a character.” (Thomas Moore)

I’m reading this quote, which captures my today’s mood in the best possible way, and thinking about the graduation ceremony earlier today. Ljusgården, School of Economics, Lund University.

2 of our most popular programs have graduated today in this humble but solemn atmosphere of the school. It is heavy with traditions, it is very Swedish, too Swedish but at the same time modest in its most genuine way (Swedish born).

The faculty’s speeches were sincere but so reserved that my heart ached. Not a single extra emotion uttered. It was almost Spartan. And because of that the students’ speeches brought tears to my eyes. They were fun, sparkling, hearty, bold, ambitious, happy, daring….And they said what each and single teacher wants to hear – that we have touched their hearts, that they had good time here with us, that they met good friends and want to come back.

They were standing on the podium today – glamorous in their beautiful dresses, chic suits and sexy haircuts. Young. Happy, Friendly. Open. Hearts wide open. They hugged each other. They hugged me, they hugged the school. They laughed and it seemed that the whole world laughed with them. They were kings and queens.

And we had an honor to be invited to their party. Humble we were.




2 thoughts on “Thoughts after the graduation

  1. Veronica, your stories are beautiful! I never knew you were such a wonderful writer. Keep on writing, my friend! 🙂

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